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Lucknow to the World: Laddus and Love, The Ritzz Way.

Wedding Giveaways

Spoil yourself with Chocolate's Sweet Pleasure from Ritzz.

Discover Ritzz's street-smart artistry, crafted to delight at wedding and business parties alike. With our sweet indulgences, we bring the best part of the event to life, the time that will be remembered. By collaborating with you in the menu design to make everything from meetings to seminars; we ensure that every aspect of your event meets your specific aesthetic standards. Take the next step toward an unforgettable event with Ritzz.

Personalized Bhaji Boxes

The Bhaji Boxes is a marriage essential that can give your wedding a personal touch because every pack will be customized according to you and your guests tastes.

Bespoke Gift Hampers

Tailored to perfection, our Wedding Hampers will certainly add a flavor of sweetness to your celebration.Explore luxury treats at Ritzz.

Sagan Sweet Selections

Indulge in our Sagan Sweet Selections, our sensually sated assortment ensuring that every bite celebrates love and taste.

Elegant Wedding Cakes

Ritzz: : Where every wedding cake is a royal masterpiece. From old classics to modern twists, we guarantee that your big day will be packed with lots of beautiful memories.

Exclusive Invitation Giveaways

Make your celebration a special one with our Exclusive Invitation Giveaways, and every bespoke favor becomes a pleasant memory.

Opulent Luxury Gifting

Take yourself in the exquisite Luxury Gifting Collection which is full of world color and we pick the amazing items that have impeccable look for your.

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