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Lucknow to the World: Laddus and Love, The Ritzz Way.

Our Story

Join the journey at Ritzz, where each chapter is scripted with tradition, joy and delight, one sweet moment at a time.

In 1976, Ritzz embarked on an amazing adventure led by Y.K. Khanna and his wife Nisha. They wanted to make the best Indian sweets, starting with their famous Motichoor Laddoo. With love and dedication, Ritzz grew from a small shop in Lucknow to a renowned sweet maker. With the time their sons, Abhishek and Abhinav, joined in and brought Ritzz into the modern era, offering more delicious treats like cakes and bread. Ritzz chose to open the Saffron Sanctuary to test their resilience on new things. Now, Ritzz is keeping up its stellar reputation for its variety of baked delights. Today, Ritzz stands tall as a beacon of quality, crafting specially prepared sweets synonymous with indulgent delights. Their story is all about passion, hard work, and making people happy, one sweet at a time.

From modest beginnings, Y.K. Khanna and Nisha Khanna dedicated themselves to serving Lucknow with the most exquisite sweets, each meticulously hand-prepared. Their relentless pursuit of excellence swiftly established Ritzz as a distinguished purveyor of premium-quality sweets, catering to a myriad of celebrations and occasions, ranging from wedding giveaways to luxury gift hampers and much more. But the journey didn't conclude there. Their two sons, Abhishek Khanna and Abhinav Khanna, wholeheartedly embraced their parents' vision and propelled the brand into modern times. With their unwavering support, Ritzz diversified its offerings, introducing gourmet catering services, a bakery & patisserie crafting customized cakes, desserts, and artisanal breads relished by all who sampled them.

Furthermore, Ritzz ventured into uncharted territories with the inauguration of Saffron Sanctuary, a renovated establishment tailored to meet the shifting trends in the market. This addition underscores our commitment to innovation and responsiveness to the evolving needs of our cherished clientele. Today, Ritzz stands tall as a beacon of quality and excellence in the industry. Our specially prepared sweets, crafted with precision and care, have become synonymous with indulgent delights. Be it a festive gathering, a joyous celebration, religious events or any special occasion, Ritzz takes great pride in delivering products that elevate the culinary experience.

Our journey has been characterized by an unwavering pursuit of perfection and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. The enduring legacy of the Ritzz brand bears testament to our dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality and service. As we continue to evolve and innovate, our resolve remains firm in our mission to offer unparalleled culinary experiences to our valued patrons. At Ritzz, our narrative is one steeped in passion, perseverance, and an unrelenting pursuit of culinary excellence. We invite you to join us as we script new chapters in our journey, spreading joy and delight one sweet at a time.