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Lucknow to the World: Laddus and Love, The Ritzz Way.

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A Sanctuary for Confectionary Heaven at Ritzz: Pampering Your Craving for Sweets

You just had a big bite on Ritzz, where every bite is a celebration of sweetness! Tucked into the heart of the city, Ritzz is more than a confectionery; it’s a retreat for those with a discerning taste and a craving for everything edible. From mouth-watering pastries to unique handmade chocolates, Ritzz is a harmony of cravable goodies, ranging from which will definitely tease your taste buds and leave you wanting for more.

At Ritzz, we take quality to a new level of perfection by creating desserts that will not only make you salivate but also give your eyes a feast with their unique shapes and outstanding colors. Old-fashioned and modern desserts are both available on our menu and will surely suit each customer’s preference.

Immerse yourself in the luscious creaminess of our famous cheesecakes, each serving a perfect combination of richness and sweetness. Linger in the mouth-watering pleasure as you devour the Belgian chocolate truffles made with the best cocoa beans and the talent of our chocolates. Or, may be, the real treat is a piece of our delicious fruit tart that is baked on the spot so that each bite is full of the fragrance of juicy fruits on an egg-less crust.

Also, Ritzz is not only famous for its delicacies but also for its top-notch dining restaurants, which are ready to meet those who look for a plate of the most delicious meal served in the most sophisticated dining lounges.

Ritzz Continental Corner

Experience dining with classis feel and enjoy dishes masterfully prepared by the creative chefs.

Saffron Sanctuary

We serve food with love through our fine flavors and top notch dishes in order to create a paradise of satisfying delights.

Seasons Banquet

Enjoy a tailored event fit your needs like gloves at Seasons Banquet

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