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Lucknow to the World: Laddus and Love, The Ritzz Way.

Catering & Corporate Events

Indulge in Sweet Bliss with Ritzz: Your Definitive Choice to Indulge in Sweet Delicacies

Our team specializes in crafting memorable experiences for both personal and professional gatherings, ensuring exceptional service and culinary excellence tailored to the unique needs of each event.

Get ready for a world where sweetness meets elegance! It is a pleasure for us to make treats that not only satisfy you but also create an air of great taste and sophistication around your most memorable occasions. Ritzz can literally cater to any event you might have in mind, from a wedding to a corporate event to a small and intimate gathering, with all the catering options at your disposal.


Create divine fantastic even sweeter with Ritzz. The stars of your wedding, our beautiful sweets, are a great plus to the festive mood that comes with this special day. They will glamorize your unique day and sweeten your guests’ moments with you. Right from your favorite oldies to the latest masterpieces, we offer something for everyone and every taste.

High Teas

Make your high tea time more than expected with Ritzz. Our delicate pastries and sweet treats are the finishing touch for your afternoon get-together, adding an edge of class to every sip. For a formal party or after-dinner tea, we have the right menus for your needs.

Birthday Parties

What a trip and what a ride! It's time for Ritzz to make another shiny, groovy circle again! What will complement your birthday without our personalized sweets? You’ll have a day filled with sweetness. Whatever the occasion—from celebrating a special birthday to simply enjoying the company of your friends and family—our birthday party catering will ensure you have the best day ever.

Board Meetings & Seminars

Extol yourself by impressing your partners and customers with Ritzz. The gourmet sweets we offer will be the right choice for your board meetings and seminars, as they will add a pinch of sophistication to your corporate functions. We allow you to design your own catering menu for each meeting, making it a sugary success every time.

Private Parties

Organize your own Ritzz party and make your evening unforgettable. The sweetest sign of luxury, our sweets are ideal to be served at private parties and will add a certain element of refinement to your celebrations. Whether it is the intimacy of a dinner party for two or the gustiness of a lavish party that you need, our catering options are suitable for both.

Religious Events

Faith shall be celebrated through Ritzz. Our delectable confections make a wonderful complement to your faith-based events, giving you the perfect bit of sugary delight that will make your spiritual meetings even more extraordinary. Whatever your baptism, bar-mitzvah, or Eid celebration is, we have the catering options that can ensure your event is uniquely memorable.

Curated Dining Experiences

Your dining experience will be boosted if you choose Ritzz. Our exquisite sweets bring about the perfect end to your masterfully planned dining experiences but also add luxuriousness to every single meal. Catering for you, whether it is a seated gala dinner or a theme tasting dinner, is what our catering menu is best for.

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